10 Firefox Add-ons for Web Designers and Developers 2019 (Updated)

Mozilla Firefox is a browser that is remarkably popular among developers and web designers. With such a field, staying on top of the browser pile takes a whole lot of work, these days. Among those facets that make Firefox so popular is. One of the extensive collection of add-ons, many are vital to developers and web designers. If used, it is going to create your workflow faster and more productive. There are hundreds and hundreds of Add-ons available for Firefox which allow you to save time and effort. If you are a web designer, you use Firefox because Firefox has some cool add-ons which make the task of Web design much more comfortable and quicker. We’ve selected 10 add-ons that were useful for web designers to expect it may benefit.

#1 – SeoQuake SEO extension by SeoQuake Team

SeoQuake will help you in optimizing your web pages for search engines. It gives you an SeoBar that has loads of useful SEO-related options for you to take advantage of. This extension will assist you in identify issues pertaining to search engine indexing in your web pages.

SeoQuake SEO extension by SeoQuake Team

#2 – Greasemonkey by Anthony Lieuallen

Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension which lets you customize the way webpages look and operate. Countless scripts are already available for free. And if you are the tinkerer type, you can compose your own.
Firefox Add-ons-Greasemonkey

#3 – ColorZilla by Alex Sirota

With ColorZilla you can get a color reading from any point in your browser, quickly adjust this color and paste it into another program. And it can do so much more.


#4 – Site Palette by Stas Kulesh

Get the colors out of a website with this browser extension to generate comprehensive palettes for designers and frontend programmers. Free colour scheme extraction.

Firefox Add-ons-Site Palette

#5 – Web Developer

The Web Developer extension provides web developer tools into a browser. The expansion can be obtained for Chrome, Firefox and Opera, and will operate on almost any platform that these browsers support including Windows, macOS and Linux.

#6 – Window Resizerby Firefox user 13211602

Window Resizer is a Firefox addon that enable you to easily re-size and re-position current window to your desired values. Simply open toolbar popup UI and click on the desired layout set (size & place ). The window will be resized and positioned into the design When you click a layout. There are 20 predefined designs. If you need a custom layout, please click on the – Add a design – button. A new tab will be open with custom design layout UI. Drag your size inside the region, then click on the save button to store the customized design. The new layout is going to be added to the popup UI.

Firefox Add-ons-Window Resizer

#7 – Measure-it by Trishul

Features This may be changed from tastes. Keyboard shortcuts Draw a ruler across any webpage to check the width, height, or alignment of page elements in pixels.
Measure It is an add-on that gives you a built-in ruler for measuring web page elements. It’s great for figuring out dimensions of things on a web page.


#8 – Font Finder (revived) by Andy Portmen, Eric Caron

Font Finder” is made for designers, designers and typographers. It permits a user to analyze the font information of any element on a page, copy any piece(s) of this data into the clipboard, and carry out in-line replacements to test new layouts.
Firefox Add-ons-Font Finder

#9 – Html Validator by Marc Gueury

HTML Validator is a browser extension that adds HTML validation inside Firefox and Chrome. The amount of errors of a HTML page is seen on the kind of an icon in the status bar when browsing. The details of the errors are seen when looking the HTML source of the webpage. The extension relies on Tidy and OpenSP. Both algorithms were initially developed by the Web Consortium W3C. And now extended and improved by a lot of persons. Both calculations are embedded within Mozilla/Firefox and makes the validation locally on the own machine, without sending HTML to a third party server.
Firefox Add-ons-Html Validator

#10 – Simple Lorem Ipsum by dev-rke

You can specify your own text and customize the hotkeys. You could fill all sibling form fields of the form field that is selected . How to utilize A straight forward Lorem Ipsum text is inserted by this extension into editable content elements and form fields. It gives an edit mode to customize any material on your webpage. Please consider, that now textarea,

  • Insert dummy text through context menu on type fields.
  • Toggle edit mode on and off via hotkey F10 to edit any content on your page

Firefox Add-ons-Simple Lorem Ipsum


#11 – Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker by Ghostery

Ghostery helps to display installed trackers and pixels of any website. It also can be used to find and analyze the used marketing of any website.

Firefox Add-ons-Site ghostery