By: Soni Shakya

In 2019 over one billion sites are on the World Wide Web. It seems like changing every second so we can imagine how the digital world has overpowered the world.

Everywhere we find people engage with their cell phones and the internet. Because of the demand and power of digital media, it is increasing day by day. The demand for it seems like it will increase more in the future for sure.

The website is a group of pages with information create for an individual, company government and organization available online. The business website is an official site of a company, its trustworthy online representation. Creating such a website is the optimal solution for all companies that want to become leaders in their field of business.

Based on the design website is classified into Static and Dynamic

Static website

The static website is a basic design website which has general information. HTML documents are created once and rarely updated. They are not expensive and loaded a lot faster due to a server doesn’t have any further demands to carry out apart from storage. But it cannot be ranked as well in google or blink or yahoo due to a basic and changing pattern of Seo in websites. The information has to be changing manually which takes lots of effort.

The company which needs a basic portfolio of a business can create a Static website.

Dynamic website

On the website, the content is newly published and flexible. The content and web layout are separated so the user can change easily without any former programming knowledge. So it has consistency in publishing the content. It can achieve the optimization due to the freshly updated content with the flexible design. Content is the king and this is a castle so dynamic website can improve the Basic Html knowledge to set up the system with programming knowledge PHP they need a lot more server resources than static website projects.

The dynamic platform is WordPress Blog Spot. It is not perfect but reliable. As long as it maintains and kept updated with software.

The company which needs a reliable open-source of information can create a dynamic website.

Based on a content website can be classified into following

Personal presentation website

A personal website is Portfolio with a personal demonstration with a profession goal depending upon the interest, skill education achievement and personal branding promotion personal presentation websites. It is the most effective personal branding tool to promote to make money being visible on the internet.

Not all websites exist to make money in some way or another. Many people find value in creating personal websites to put their thoughts out into the world. This category includes personal blogs, vlogs, and photo diaries people share with the world. It contains personal contact information.

GoalIt is Personal promotion branding which informs a serious attitude towards work not only about the salary but also self-development.

Corporate website

The corporate office provides information about company present services.It is a dynamic website which explains company philosophy to Target client. It is used by the human resources team of the company to hire who provide services flow of work Benefits Company.


Service-oriented it provoke the lists of service and informed client. It is ultimately used to hire people.

Brochure websites

This a simplified form of business website. They don’t need too much investment but they make an online presence. It includes just a few pages and basic design and contact information. For businesses that know they need an online presence, but don’t want to invest a lot into, a simple brochure site that includes just a few pages that lay out the basics of what business does and provide contact information. The brochure is one of the best ways to increase the online presence of small businesses.

The main purpose of the brochure website is to present its owner, the products and services he provides, and to give as many ways to contact him as a possible address, phone numbers, e-mail, etc.

Educational website

The educational website is online informative which provides education. For example, provides various education for students.

The websites of educational institutions and those offering online courses fall into the category of educational websites. These websites have the primary goal of either providing educational materials to visitors or providing information on an educational institution to them.

Some educational websites will have advertisements like entertainment and media websites do. Some offer subscription models or educational products for purchase. And some serve as the online presence for an existing institution.


Educational website aim is to provide professional training and education to the target audience online.

Directory websites

Directory website is a list of websites. Yellow page and directories are used for people and business contact information now web directories are used to list websites including web links to those websites organized into categories and subcategories.

The client can easily find the list of the website through Directory websites. It makes easy to find websites by subject. It can be categories into different types depending upon the business. For example a real estate directory website, hotel restaurant directory website and travel directory website and so many other kinds.

The link can be found easily on the website with detail information. Easy access to information that allows collecting optimum information.

Crowdfunding website

Like the profit aim business need websites to be on online presence nonprofit organization also need as well. The nonprofit website provides clear information about the organization plan and policies where the individual can build credibility towards it. Those individuals can convert into the donor. A nonprofit website could directly impact the potential donor to make the donations. The nonprofit website builds to generate funds is Crowdfunding websites. It is different from another website that directly supports the business.

If you are considering starting a nonprofit business or NGO or INGO then building the website for your organization is the first step in providing your legitimacy or reaching more and more people and community. You can use the optimum way by promoting the project ideas’ aim and mission. That encourages the follower and to take action and tackle with a problem which collects the fund at the end. Popular crowdfunding websites include and

Crowdfunding is the modern way to fund your ideas into reality. It helps to raise the money for the startup. And building a community with trust and collecting funds for service till the end.

During an earthquake in Nepal, many generous people collect the fund through these websites.

News website

The news website contains the latest news about fashion, economics, and politics. Google News HuffingtonPost, CNN fox news is the most popular news website in the world. These websites increasingly become the go-to destination for people to read breaking news, news update, and overall global news. News website is a dynamic website that is updated regularly and change is made timely.


The news website provides political, economic information.

Streaming video website

Streaming video website is content generation includes all kind of video movies and news technology target audience different image. Video streaming sites have soared in popularity in recent years. YouTube is a popular example of video streaming websites. Netflix and similar sites have revolutionized the way the world watches TV. Catch-up sites such as iPlayer and All 4 are more traditional examples of this popular type of site.


Videos can be easily uploaded and stream to the target audience. Easy access and download require to pay or free

Social website platform

A social website site is an online platform that allows users to create a public profile and interact with other users on the website. Social media sites were created as a place to share thoughts, images, and ideas, personal life. Social media websites are pretty unique in terms of both functionality and content. It makes people group and community to connect online without any barrier.

If we talk about Face book or any other social media they are website in trends where we spent most of our time. LinkedIn, Instagram Pinterest is also a social website.

Social media is a platform where opinions, thoughts ideas are share in a group with a similar interest target audience

The company can interact with clients directly through social media. It builds a strong community that helps to build the brand. It is an open-source to communicate with the target audience.

Sharing website

Sharing Website enables the user to store and share their multimedia files. It acts as a platform that includes the templates, content pictures, and can be easily downloaded either free or paid. Google Drive is one of the largest free file-sharing sites. The, file Dropper is a really good example of sharing websites.


Transfer the file. Spreading the content and earning money through online business.

Photo Sharing Websites

Photo sharing Websites are used to store and share photos. User can easily upload pictures to the sites and share to the family and friends.

There could easily be over a hundred such sites that offer free photo sharing or paid for by their online advertising. Many websites can enable us to upload photos directly from digital cameras and photo printers by using the software. Most smartphones have apps to accomplish the same ends. Google photos,,, and are examples of photo-sharing websites.

It is used to store and share photos. Generally, users upload their pictures to the site which are stored on the server and made available to friends and family via personal webpages. Most photo sharing sites are free to use and offer plenty of tools.

Blog website

The blog is a website of content and information in the form of online diaries, journals or editorials. Usually, a blog is self-published run by an individual and some are run by a small group of people. This kind is regularly updated on daily weekly or monthly. It can be on any topic like whatever is going on in their lives or business news self- improvement comments on politics reviews about products any subject. Typically they are written in informal or conversational style but nowadays professional blogging has increased massively with professional ideas discuss information.

These days person can easily afford the blog and allow their thoughts to be read by anyone in the world who has online access.

Take a look at where millions of bloggers created their website on days. is also a good platform to start. You can build your websites for free using multiple tools.

Blogs Help to provide the ideas information facts online getting a huge number of followers. It also generates additional income through ads, teasers and affiliates marketing.

E-commerce websites

Shopping is liked by everyone. Only a few people who don’t enjoy it. So e-commerce is a favorite type of website globally. To sell products or services over the internet e-commerce website make things happen. There are many comprehensive and versatile e-commerce platforms on the market today to sell products by opening an account. is in the first place. While, are also examples.

People can have own online store by building the website to sell the products and services.


The detailed advertisement about the products and services is mentioned on the website. Buyers meet sellers and transactions such as ordering, payments, and shipping are capable online due to the content management system involved. An e-commerce website contains the sales pitch zone, the product zone, and the customer check-in and out process. The online purchase makes life easier of customer and company.

Great News

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