By: Soni Shakya

As a small business owner, we must cope with different challenges either seasonal or competition with the market or daily crisis.

But have you ever thought that what happening in our life is normal today? People around the world have been isolate and self-quarantine for more than a month now. Some even lockdown at their houses and only out for essential so, life is stuck with nowhere direction, and what next and how long but we all know it would not be last long. We must continue.

So, as an individual, we must know how to optimize our small business during this pandemic situation though COVID-19 has a direct impact on us.

Communicate with the client

Do not wait for time to change. First, make a list of clients. Categories them according to preference and business nature as one might need you more than another.

Use different media to inform your availability if you change your work time. Inform them about the situation if you have a list of work priorities.

Make a personnel call

Very first thing is to be in contact with your customer. Though most of them are suffering from this pandemic, just stay in touch. Talk with them even to just say hi or stay safe. We all need each other help in this situation. Personnel relationship can build long-term relationships with the customer. we know the situation will not be the same all the time. Make them assure we all are having the same situation and we all can fight against it.

Send them email/mail

Email the client who is not reached by a call with personnel regards. And further planning. If some plan to halt the project, make them understand to hold it instead of it. Post them a mail if necessary.

Make payment flexible

The client might be working in a different field. Most of the client may suffer from unemployment and financial crisis. Only the essential business is in priorities. Study the client’s background. One might need more support than others. If you can hold their payment or due date it might help them a lot.

Work on a small project

We all know we cannot start a new project, but we can work on a small project. Diving the projects into small subset and time frame. the surrounding environment will not allow us to start, but we can continue where we left and make some improvements on existing projects by advancing design through analytics and collecting information.

Online visibility and offering

A huge financial crisis might have come across your business. But you can follow some marketing strategy. It does not mean providing a free sample and free stuff but discount and offer. Especially for the restaurant owner you Can help society by offering what you have I don’t mean you should risk your life or start giving things for free but you can create a select menu for only basic amount which can be ordered in advance and picked up.

Create a Facebook live Instagram stories webinar, virtual conference using tools like zoom. Keep producing a video that will benefit your small business marketing strategy long after the COVID-19 crisis is over.

Help to set up the website

The company that deals with physical products can sell online. You can build a simple website for e-commerce and make a list of available products or menu for restaurants owner. Accepting online orders with easily available payment can boost your business. But it does not mean you have to go wide just a local market and local people.

This is time to create credibility for potential clients and new customers. To show your strength and technical skills. Collect your order as simple as using an excel sheet or google sheet. And payment through the help of PayPal. The restaurant owner can set up with waiter apps uber eats or food apps available.

Expand your knowledge and services

It is a good time to account for your knowledge by taking an online business course. That will build your learning to improve the strategy and plan for the business. Many courses are available online free as well as paid. , udemy, have wide variety of courses.

This is a situation when the only individual cannot handle everything. The government plays a vital role. We should be updated about the plan and policies. German Government the third-largest country in economic has The reform initiative calls for a variety of measures, including lowering tax rates for small business founders, providing support for small businesses in acquiring venture capital and equity, making regulations regarding trades and crafts more flexible, and easing the accounting requirements for small business.

The United Kingdom Receive a one-off grant of £10,000, if you are eligible for small business rates relief or Rural Rate Relief, to help meet ongoing business costs.

Small business loan fund and different kind of fund has started. According to Forbes United States government has introduced programs SBA that helps businesses meet payroll, make debt payments, and pay other bills is a welcome help. They introduce unemployment insurance eligible for workers. President trump mandate plans in the different states depending upon the COVID-19 effect.

Many small businesses are either facing disruptions in their supply chains—especially from the impact of COVID-19. The United States is introducing a small program to solve.

In Italy tax credit equal to 60% of the rent in March is awarded to shops and shops Self-employed workers are paid shopify.

The world economy has placed the challenge. All nation is working and figuring out to resolve the problems

Just chill the moment

Most of us have complained like we do not have time to do things which we like. So, here is the time. You can enjoy your hobby and do it. Cook a new menu. Watch a document or series which is related to your business. Meditate yourself or do exercise. Just enjoy what you are doing but try to make a schedule and live life routinely so that you cannot feel bore.

One suggestion if you are working from home just dress up like work instead of pajamas that might help to change the environment. You do not need to be productive every day. Do not hook your mind with just COVID-19 news. Sometimes spending days for yourself and family is also needed. Use a wechat or viber to communicate with friends.

Contribute some of your time and core action for your society for people around you who need it. Sometimes just a suggestion can make a difference.

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