How much does a Graphic Designer earn in Nepal [Infographic]

Do you love Graphic Design? Wonder how much a graphic designer can make in Nepal? Explore your opportunity to link your passion of technology with your love for creativity! Create monthly income for yourself doing what love doing already. Let’s go!

Graphic Design is the art of storytelling. It’s creating a feeling with images and video to invoke a response or call to action by your very own concept and ideas. It has become one of the largest, lucrative industries in Nepalese business. If you love getting an idea across to millions of people with your expertise vision and insight, this industry is for you. It needs your leadership as you also won’t mind the income! A big win-win situation with something that you already profoundly enjoy doing in a field that’s ever-growing and in constant demand.

How do you begin? Reach out to small businesses who need design work and begin and build! But first, here’s some insight and infographic for new and existing Design Professionals regarding salary. Working from your own home in Nepal has the potential to reach clients worldwide. Always keep growing. Always keep building! You will be surprised at how fast you build your clientele one by one!

How much money does a Graphic Designer make in Nepal