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Color has always been a crucial part of the graphic design as well as web design. It helps to describe the character and intention of the content. Knowing the Color Psychology of Logo design has its aspect of the visual representation of a company’s logo.

Although these colors have different purposes in various cultures and nations, they are generally used in logos to convey specific information.


Red is a bold and emotionally intense color. It shows boldness, love, intensity, and energy. It also grabs the attention of the viewers and used in different organizations logos.


Orange symbolizes energy, passion, enthusiasm, self-confidence, and stylishness. This particular glowing color is favorite among the logos that give a sense of openness and kindness to their viewers. Its engaging, lively and cheerful nature attracts the attention of the spectators and provides the logo with a modern look.


Yellow has always viewed as an optimistic color. But It is considered the most subtle color for the eye to get in. It shows expresses positivity and lightheartedness. However, its use should be least as it can be overwhelming if used a lot in the design.


Green is a pacifying, fresh and traditional color. It signifies nature, health, and freshness. Mostly green is used in healthcare, building, and real estate logos due to its connection to the specified businesses.



Blue is one of the favorite colors in the design industry. It summons power, honor, protection, and loyalty. It is also considered the most traditional colors among logos and can be seen widely in education logos, government as well as medical sectors.


The color pink symbolizes femininity, purity, flexibility, and health. Due to its calm nature, pink is tend mostly used in logos related to a health spa, and beauty products.


Purple is the color of nobility and richness, luxury, and refinement. It also symbolizes status and power. However, purple color treatment is shallow in logo design.


Gray has always been considered to be dense, intellect, reserve, practicality, traditional and maturity. However, it can rarely be seen on logos as it also represents old age, grief, and dryness.


Brown submits use, earthiness, woodiness and full of richness. We can see brown in logos associated with construction and growth sectors. It is also widely used in juridical logos due to its integrity and quality.


White is the natural color of peace. It symbolizes purity, uniformity, and refinement. Its regularly used in logos is due to its pure quality and radiating quality. We can often use as text because it illuminates on other bright colors.


Black is considered one of the bossy colors that summons power, courage, grace, and form. The Common practice for Black color is for boldness and refinement in the logo.

These colors feature defined above are not necessary, but are generally used in logos to communicate with the viewer under a specific human behavior. So the next time you are looking or designing logos, banners or other design materials be sure to understand the visual information behind the colors used in them.

Understand the basic Color Psychology for Logo design. So the next time when you are designing a logo be sure to understand the visual information behind.





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