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AMP – Super Serum to your website

The Accelerated Mobile page project is an open-source project aiming to make the web run super fast for all the mobile users. It enables the sites runs very fast, beautiful and high-performing across devices .

How it Works

Accelerated Mobile Page scraps down all the additional stuff boost on functionality and speed. It helps Google to pre-render and instantly load web pages immediately very fast. Google automatically detect content that matters and loads very fast.

It cuts down the web pages size, cache up with Google CDN and boosts the page speed.

Break down the Accelerated Mobile Page:

  • HTML – eliminates all elements which could cause a web page to load slower on mobile.
  • JavaScript – External js resources are not allowed due to load time.
  • Caches – AMP  relies on Google’s CDN to serve and validate AMP pages in the websites.

Hence, Google values pages at the top search results take less than one second to load. It’s all about clear readability and pure speed for the user. Things such as images don’t pack until they’re into view, and the JavaScript does all that for you. Also, then all of this is designed to be heavily cached so that Google can host these pages and so they don’t even need to retrieve it from you anymore.

Video Tutorial to Install Accelerated Mobile Page in WordPress

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